Client to Sales reps: “Bring value when engaging with me!”

For Sales professionals, more than ever, interactions with clients need to be meaningful and bring mutual value.

To illustrate the statement, allow me to share a real-life example.

Some time ago, the CTO of a large company was invited to an international sales kick-off to provide the audience with a “client perspective”.

The whole intervention was great, however two sentences were priceless:

1️⃣-“When meeting with me please keep in mind that my time is precious. Do not ask questions you could have answered by simply checking our company website”.

2️⃣-“Nature has gifted you with one mouth and two ears, please respect the ratio when you talk”.

To this day, this is the sharpest sales advice ever received from a client.

Note that this client could very well have added:

3️⃣-Don’t behave like a “talking brochure”, don’t repeat to me what I’ve already read.

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