The best sales reps are lazy!

I’ve often heard that the best sales reps are lazy, and that they often don’t perform all the tasks that are expected from them.

Let’s agree first that sales reps, like everyone else in the company, should demonstrate good corporate citizenship and not behave as free electrons.

Let’s also agree that sales reps should deliver the highest ROI per action taken. That’s the unwritten agreement between sales reps and their employer.

As a result, the best performing sales reps understand that what is expected from them is to deliver results, not just more activity.

To achieve the best results, they are picky, and focus only on the opportunities that are worth pursuing.

For that purpose, they:

  • Prepare client meetings, leaving no space for unexpected (bad) surprises
  • Have a plan, and make sure it is executed
  • Master the art of questioning
  • Investigate their clients and their ecosystems
  • Have good instincts (gut feelings), but still seek confirmation of their hunches.

As a result, they manage their time by teaming up internally, and wisely leveraging any resource they can.

So, the best sales reps are lazy indeed! Or are they just selective in what they do?

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