Why have you become a sales manager?

This is a question every sales manager should have a clear response to.

Becoming a sales manager isn’t just about the title; it’s about having a clear purpose and the right qualities for the job.

From experience, here are three key reasons why you should consider becoming a sales manager:

I enjoy growing people

Your passion lies in developing others, helping them reach their full potential. Your satisfaction comes from seeing your team members succeed and grow in their roles.

I can turn a group of individuals into a team

You know that “group of people” and “team”  have different meanings. You focus on generating collaboration and synergy among team members.

I am better at building a sales engine than at closing deals

You excel at designing and optimizing sales processes, implementing strategies, and ensuring the team operates efficiently.  

In contrast, some common but inadequate reasons for aspiring to become a sales manager are frequently mentioned.

Below is a non-exhaustive list:

➡️ It’s the only way for me to be promoted

There are numerous options for advancing a sales rep’s career, such as assigning a larger market or territory, focusing on a new portfolio, or increasing compensation (see item 3).

➡️ I am the best sales rep on the team

The skill set required for a sales rep differs from that of a sales leader.

Promoting the best sales rep, who intends to keep the “best sales rep” status, can lead to unexpected bottlenecks, such as becoming indispensable and intervening in every deal or hesitating to recruit new hires who may excel in their roles.

➡️ I desire a higher income

This is a tricky proposition!

Shouldn’t your best sales representatives earn more than you? A manager’s compensation is tied to the team’s performance, making it less likely for them to outperform.

➡️ I am the most senior sales rep

The number of years in a sales position should not automatically grant the right to become a sales manager.

First, define the qualities you expect in a leader within your organization, and then match candidates with the job profile.

It’s not just about the position; it’s about making a positive impact on your team and achieving exceptional results through their growth and collective efforts.

👉 So ask yourself: “Why have you become a sales manager?”.

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