Are your results in line with your ambitions?

Sales is my passion!

With over 30 years’ experience in sales, I have been building and driving local and international teams of sales representatives and sales managers across industries (hardware & software, managed services, telecoms and financial services).

I have been driving business within highly complex and competitive markets for multinationals and mid-sized companies.

Addressing all sales models (direct, indirect, alliances).

Alternatively based in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Ireland, and doing business in most European countries with parties from all continents, I have developed a great understanding of international business.

📈 My intimate belief is that most companies can demonstrate an untapped business potential.

To remain competitive and address this potential, successful companies focus on what really matters: they create the conditions for a high-performing sales organization.

They believe that “better is more“.

Basing my deliveries on this principle, I propose to turn your business potential into results by focusing on the the business and the human side of each challenge.

I deliver solutions that are:


    1️⃣ Operational

    2️⃣ Structural and sustainable

    3️⃣ 100% customized

    4️⃣ Owned and adopted by the sales organization.


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